Why Outsourced Paraplanning is the solution

Paraplanning is an integral part of the financial planning process! Paraplanners do not simply provide a document to be given to the client, Paraplanners provide compliance support, technical expertise and solutions, translated from financial industry lingo to easy to understand language. To hire the best paraplanners in the industry who strive for such excellence is a costly exercise. Outsourcing allows for this expertise to be utilised on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Maximise time to produce income

If you are spending your time preparing a Statement of Advice document, it means you are not spending your time talking to existing or potential clients.

The most successful Financial Advisers understand their true hourly rate and where their time is best spent- producing Statement of Advice documents is not normally a part of this equation.

The easiest way to increase your productivity and income is to outsource document preparation so that you can see more clients!

It really is that simple!

Control your expenses

The easiest way to reduce your expenses is to reduce the ongoing costs of your fixed overheads.

With an outsourcing solution you only pay for the plans that you need prepared, not a Paraplanner’s salary whether they are working, on annual/sick/maternity leave or upskilling themselves for their next career step.

The best Paraplanners are highly sought after, with current demand exceeding supply.

SMSF Paraplanners have a team of dedicated, experienced, career Paraplanners.

Eliminate bottlenecks

Increased client volumes can impact turnaround times with an inhouse Paraplanner causing a bottleneck in your factory.

With an outsourcing solution you have scalability – you are able to go from producing 1 plan in the first week to 10 in the next without impacting your turnaround times.

SMSF Paraplanners effectively become your virtual paraplanning team – without the employment headaches. SMSF Paraplanners provide a turnaround time guarantee and offer two levels of express turnaround, so that regardless of whether your appointment is tomorrow, next week or next month, you have peace of mind that your Statement of Advice will be ready for you.

The ultimate paraplanning experience.