Training is at our core

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

-Mahatma Gandhi

Internally, we see training as the most important core function for our team! We give utmost priority for Data Security through ongoing training.

In the beginning

Our Paraplanners and Compliance team are all put through a Diploma in Financial Planning and are RG146 compliant.

We provide an in-depth, eight-week program to teach our Paraplanner and Compliance hatchlings how to fly. This includes all aspects of financial planning strategies, financial planning software such as Coin and Xplan, and how to physically write a Statement of Advice.

Our Client Service Officers are taken through a two-week introductory program to teach the basics of Financial Planning and the support our Advice practices need. This includes the financial planning process, financial planning software such as Coin and Xplan, preparation of review advice packs, conducting product research, and more.

On the go

All of our Paraplanners keep up to date with the ever changing Financial Advice industry by achieving no less than 40 CPD points annually.

On a continuous basis, our Paraplanners and Compliance Support team are provided training opportunities to further their knowledge. This includes Strategy in Action training as well as Monday Masterclasses to really push their knowledge.

Our Client Service Officers are provided regular training through our Admin in Action sessions. This provides the opportunity for growth through new advice subjects both at a macro and micro level.

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