Client Services Officers

Your Client Services Officer will be dedicated to your practice on a full or part time basis and sits inside one of our four "Pods".

Each Pod is made up of Paraplanners, Client Service Officers (CSOs) and Compliance Officers. 

Our CSOs are overseen by our Client Co-ordinators and our Paraplanners are overseen by two of our most experienced Senior Paraplanners. 

Our Client Co-ordinators will support your CSO by assisting to build templates and procedures bespoke for your practice. 

Your practice will be permanently partnered with Pod to ensure continuity of service, regardless of when your CSO takes leave.

Tasks your CSOs can complete for you include:

  • Review meeting preparation- go into your meeting armed with your client's most up to date information. Have all of your client information at your fingertips, compliant and ready to go.
  • Post meeting actions- come out of your meeting, record what needs to happen and send the recording. Your team member will download the dictation, create tasks and send the action items to be completed
  • File note dictation
  • Manage your database
  • Complete FDS and Opt-ins
  • Complete Application forms and maintenance forms for you
  • Conduct and collate product research
  • Conduct and collate insurance quotes
  • The list continues!

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