Frequently Asked Questions

The data you capture from your clients is extremely sensitive and we treat it so. Data Security is a critical component of our business with a combination of physical and non-physical controls in place to do everything within our power to provide protection. We also have strict HR security protocols in place.


Physical Controls
  • Biometric scanner access to our office
  • CCTV monitoring 24/7
  • No mobile phones/ cameras allowed at desks
  • USB ports have been disabled
Non-physical controls
  • Behaviour based key-stroke monitoring
  • Secure firewall and active antivirus software
  • Clear breach protocols
  • Ability to login to our systems from specified IP addresses only

HR security controls
  • All staff are required to pass a Police check, Credit check, NBI Clearance (Philippines)
  • Reference checks on all team members
From a Financial planning software point of view, we are able to support Xplan and Coin.

Our Client Services Officers are utilising software utilised within their respective practices. This includes Workflow Max, Worksorted, Salesforce and Practify to name a few.
SMSF Paraplanners approach to Paraplanning is not that of a single dedicated Paraplanner, but rather a "Pod" of Paraplanners to each practice. Check out the details on this link for more information!
Your Client Services Officer will be dedicated to your practice on a full or part time basis and sits inside one of our four "Pods". Click here to read more about this service.
Internally, we see training as the most important core function for our team!
First and foremost all team members are continually training in Data Security and protecting our data. To learn more about the trainings we provide our team members, click here. 

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